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We are small family oriented kennel situated in peaceful village of Kupinec, near Zagreb, Croatia. We like Rhodesian Ridgeback and by time after we had our first litter we had another one and than we liked them a little bit more so we imported beautiful livernosed male puppy which grew up in a very handsome dog. So now we live in a our house with four children and to make counting rounder with six Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Our living room tends to be on the peaks of it's capacity very often.

We are raising our children close to our dogs and likewise what sometimes can and does bring many funny situations. We tend to socialize and train our dogs so they are ready to accompany us wherever we go. It would be not as easy to say that for the children:)

We show our dogs occasionally on shows with success but we don't visit every single show simply because we don't have so much time. Every dog of our's closed at least 4 state championships (some of them and more), they have X-rayed hips, elbows and shoulders and they have undergone breeding approval test with excellent grades.

In breeding we tend to quality not to quantity. For every puppy from our kennel we strive to find best home and new owner. So sometimes it may seem that we are asking so many questions without reason. Also we want to make sure to future owner that taking puppy from our kennel is the begging and not good bye. That we are here for any question which needs answer.

We are members of Federation Cinologique Internationale, Hrvatski Kinološki Savez, Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Zagreb, Kennel Society Jastrebarsko.

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